QuickBooks® Financial Integration System

Customer: American Auto Guardian, Inc.
Project: Financial Integration System
Type: QuickBooks® Integration

Business Problem
While transitioning from an AS400-based account management system to a cloud-based system, American Auto Guardian considered how better they could integrate their business and accounting data. To satisfy their needs, they needed to share several QuickBooks® data types including Bills, Bill Payments, Checks, Credit Memos, Customers, Deposits, Invoices, Journal Entries, Payments, Vendors, and Vendor Credits.

ASI worked closely with AAG's Accounting staff to design, program, and test the data exchange between the account management system and QuickBooks®. In some cases, data is exchanged dynamically with user transactions, while in other cases, users launch batch operations to exchange data. Extensive logging provides summary totals to help verify results.

Though QuickBooks® integration was just a part of the tremendous effort to move AAG's operation to the cloud, its success was vital to the streamlining of operations. Additionally, AAG can now be assured that data in their account management system is in sync with their accounting data.

Tools: VB.NET, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, QuickBooks®