Summer Vibes at ASI

As a small business, team-building activities are often thought of as a function required for much larger organizations. Stereotypical corporate retreats tend to come to mind, featuring days filled with ice-breakers, keynote speakers, and inspirational lingo to be shared by all. One of the many benefits of being in a small business is avoiding just that. However, that isn't to say that value doesn't exist when it comes to spending time with employees outside of the office environment. 

With the conclusion of Ablesoft's first quarter, the leadership team wanted to share progress on the state of the business to its employees hosted in a unique environment. After some deliberation between alternatives, the conclusion on the best location happened to be the simplest, grilling out together at the boss's home. After a morning work session, everyone cut out of the office, brought their dish to pass, and enjoyed a grilled picnic together on a beautiful day. The environment was relaxed, enjoyable, and created a sense of intimacy that was optimal compared to a more conventional lunch out. To conclude the lunch, the team (office dog ‘Doug’ included) retired to the living room for a more effective, yet open discussion when reflecting on the company's performance. 

There are many routes to go when carrying out a 'team building' experience with co-workers. Sometimes, it's the more traditional one that carries the desired results.