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Opportunity and Timekeeping System
Customer: Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.
Project: Opportunity and Timekeeping System

Business Problem
Being a custom software company, we settle for nothing less than perfection, when it comes to our own opportunity and project management system. Among many specialized features, we wanted the ability to share QuickBooks project invoicing and payment information with our project managers. Additionally, we needed a replacement for the outdated QuickBooks timer. In addition to making the timer far easier to use, we wanted to enforce organizational rules and validation to our timekeeping notes.

After integrating QuickBooks financial data into our opportunity system, we turned our attention to creating a powerful timer application. Though our timer contains appropriate controls to ensure accuracy, it works directly with the QuickBooks database, eliminating the need to import and export. Additionally, it can operate stand-alone and re-sync data later, when the QuickBooks database becomes available.
ASI's Opportunity System ("Oppsys") has substantially improved the way we do business. In addition to customer and project management capabilities, the timekeeping features enforce organizatioal policies and ensure accuracy, while maintaining a simple interface.

Tools: VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, QuickBooks