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Monument Management System
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Customer: Midwest Monuments
Project: Monument Management System

Business Problem
Midwest Monument manufactures custom granite and bronze memorials for their wholesale and retail customers. Their as-found system used QuickBooks to track customers and service orders, and Microsoft Excel to manage jobs. They wanted to replace the Excel system with a robust Windows-based system, but wanted to utilize QuickBooks to the extent possible.

ASI worked with MMS to design and build a Windows-based system that fully integrated with QuickBooks. Customers and Service Orders are added to QuickBooks and directly copied into their new system for execution. Status text messages and/or emails are sent to customers, notifying them of status and related status changes are shared directly with QuickBooks.
In addition to providing much improved reliability and control, the new monument system improves efficiency and accuracy by pulling appropriate data from QuickBooks. The text/email notification of customers, virtually eliminated incoming status request phone calls and upon completion, status updates are written from the businss system to QuickBooks.

Tools: SQL Server