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Reverse 911 Registration Website
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Customer: Ogle County Sheriff
Project: Reverse 911 Registration Website
Type: Web System

Business Problem
The Ogle County Sheriff’s Office, based in Oregon, Illinois, wanted to implement an emergency notification system called “Reverse 911” for its residents. Reverse 911 allows the County to rapidly notify residents and businesses by telephone, in case of an emergency. To better serve the County, they wanted to provide a quick and simple way for residents to add and change their Reverse 911 contact information.

ASI worked with the Sheriff and his staff to design and implement a Reverse 911 registration page for county residents, allowing additions, changes, and deletions of Reverse 911 contact details.
The registration service is online, and in use. After investigating the Reverse 911 database integration requirements, ASI worked with the Sheriff’s Office to implement a simple and cost effective solution that allowed the project to be completed on time, and at a substantially reduced cost.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Customer Feedback
Gregory A. Beitel

"I found Ablesoft Solutions, Inc. to be very prompt and responsive to our requests for service. Their work is completed in a timely manner by a very professional and courteous staff. In providing hosting services, as well as programming, Ablesoft Solutions has sought to maximize the benefit of our dollars spent."