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May 2016

Coming Soon!

Web, Cloud, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Phones – Oh My! Microsoft’s recent Build conference revealed powerful new tools that enable developers to efficiently and effectively build business solutions that perform across multiple platforms. Look for an update next quarter, as we discuss how these tools will provide a powerful new approach to your existing business problems. Read More


The past few issues, we've featured apps that we find useful. This quarter we're settling the debate - who wears the best fitness tracker in the office? Click here to read more.

Hey, Eric!

Eric Bruns left behind baseball, kangaroos, and koalas to join Ablesoft's team of programmers. For the last six months, Eric played baseball for a league in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska with a degree in Computer Science. He previously worked for ConAgra Foods in the IT department. (More)

July 2015

Windows 10 is Here! Should You Make the Leap?

Microsoft will be releasing the latest version of their flagship operating system, Windows 10, on July 29th. Sure, we’ve all experienced some headaches with other incarnations of their operating system before - ME, Vista, Windows 8 to name a few. So, why should you consider upgrading to Windows 10? Though there are scores of Windows 10 related articles out there, we thought we’d provide an ASI perspective.

The Great Outdoors, Upgraded

Ironically, we're all pretty outdoorsy at ASI. Our jobs may require staring at a screen for hours each day, but at least we have the option of packing up and taking our work to remote locations. Noel Bruns, President of Ablesoft, along with friends and family own a cabin resort in the Northwoods, called Pine Noel. Noel has been known to enjoy working remotely from his cabin. The resort is open to the public. Reservations can be made online at Until recently, the web-based administration system required a complete over-haul. Click here to read more about the upgrade.

Mobilegeddon: The Aftermath

While the Internet is still standing, the data is clear in the aftermath. Sites that were not mobile-friendly experienced a significant drop in mobile rankings and likely a drop in traffic from a mobile audience. (More)

January 2015

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Break Boundaries Without Breaking the Bank

According to a study from The Boston Consulting Group, technology leaders far outperformed their peers in the marketplace. But, with the constant, fast pace of technology, how can anyone afford to keep investing in the latest and greatest solutions? At the same time, how can anyone afford not to, knowing your competitors may get ahead while you rely on older solutions? Choose your own path with a Microsoft Partner like Ablesoft Solutions. (Continued...)

Fitness Apps We're Addicted To:

This quarter, our staff is sharing some of their top picks for fitness apps used when theyre not hunkered down, developing great software applications. (Continued...)

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Elements of Browsing Happy in 2015

Colors, Font, Content, Responsive Design - Does your website make the cut for 2015? (Continued...)

We'll Help Create Your Online Brand

GoWaste Recycling approached Ablesoft Solutions to create an online presence for their waste management company. ASI provided a mobile friendly website with content management capabilities. (Continued...)
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June 2014

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Five Reasons to Call ASI

An overwhelming amount of ready-made software is available to meet the needs of your business and industry. So, why choose ASI to develop third-party custom software? (Continued...)

Write Once, Run Everywhere

Thanks to the newest release of Microsoft's Visual Studio, streamlined development allows for quickly prototyping applications on multiple devices, then seamlessly moving from prototype to production, natively across platforms. (Continued...)

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Websites for Your Budget

GT Flow Technology, Inc., supplies replacement parts for papermaking machinery. They required an inexpensive updated online presence to promote their services. ASI customized a website model to fit GT Flow Tech's desired color scheme and content. Visit Their Site

We'll Help Create Your Own Space

Possibly you have heard or seen ads for Squarespace websites. We are excited to now partner with Squarespace and use its powerful platform to offer even more to our customers at a great price and with the same personal one-on-one attention. (Continued...)
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January 2014

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I Want to spend hours duplicating data...said no one ever!

A common, and costly, practice confronting organizations is the way data is entered and collected from multiple systems and databases throughout the business. Multiple systems and databases mean costly errors in manual, dual data entry. ASI can save you from your data rollercoaster by bridging your various systems together with a custom solution (Continued...)

Beyond Windows XP: Custom and Legacy Applications

Are you aware that Microsoft has announced the end of life for Windows XP and Office 2003? Microsoft recently announced they will no longer release future updates or support for these products as of April 8, 2014. ASI is here to help! (Continued...)

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Website Design Your Way.

Interiors by GW, a small, yet nationwide, interior design firm, required an online presence to promote their varied design services. GW wanted flexibility with the design of the website to grow with the business. Additionally, the company did not have an established logo for their brand. The look and feel of the site needed to reflect GW’s reputation of quality and unique style. (Continued...)

We Welcome Alan Arians to the ASI Team!

We are very pleased to announce that Alan Arians has joined the ASI Team as a Developer Analyst. We welcome Alan to our team! He says he is excited to use his skillset to provide a variety of solutions and learn new environments with ASI. He sums up his skills with a popular quote he likes, “ a programmer is a tool that converts caffeine into code. ” (Continued...)
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September 2013

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QuickBooks, Your Way

Are you one of the 3.7 million businesses using QuickBooks? Is your business seemingly reaching the limits of the accounting program? Before you make the financial leap to an off-the-shelf system to handle your unique business needs, consider a more cost effective solution from ASI. (Continued...)

Set Up Shop with ASI

Our website services now include mobile friendly ecommerce and customer content managed sites. Promote your brand by selling products, securely, online. Additionally, add blogs and beautiful galleries, along with ASI's exceptional customer support. Get a quote, today.

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Okay, Let's Get Moving...

ASI thrives under a reputation of putting customer needs first. Recently, we upgraded our hosting servers to provide faster, more reliable services and descerningly walked away from email support. (Continued...)

Big John Website's Facelift

ASI worked with Big John, a portable toilet rental company, to collaborate and develop a custom website. Their updated site includes a new domain name and a robust gallery, displaying available rentals.
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April 2013

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Outgrowing QuickBooks? Maybe Not...

The bridge from small business, to mid-size, emphasizes limitations that prevent QuickBooks from meeting the needs of many growing companies. Before you make the financial leap to an ERP or MRP system, compare the needs of a company that we are currently working on, with your own, and consider how ASI could develop your own cost-effective solution.(Read More...)

Microsoft Dynamics - Your Way

With more than 2 million users, Microsoft Dynamics is quickly becoming a familiar, adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Regardless of its great user - friendly functionality, no one business operates the same as the next. ASI developers can step in and add additional custom features to meet the individual needs of a business and increase the efficiency of our customers’ ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics . (Continued...)

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Backseat to Driver's Seat: Complete Order Management

HMC Products (HMC) specializes in creating packaging machines, engineered and built for continuous, trouble-free production. Their website was in need of a visual enhancement, and had a color scheme that required updating. Additionally, the standalone on - line parts ordering system was inefficient, as system maintenance had als o become an issue. HMC had developed a need for the ability to maintain their customer accounts, orders, drawings and parts without future developer support and related costs. (Continued...)

January 2013

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Salvaging With Style

Recycling building materials is a great way to conserve our precious resources and when done well, can greatly contribute to the project’s appeal. Back in September, Ablesoft Solutions (“ASI”) moved into our new building, “4th and Long”, in downtown Oregon. A unique aspect of our construction was the transforming of old building materials into the interior accoutrements of a modern office interior. (Continued...)

Who's That, at Your Site's Front Door? Take a Peek with Google Analytics!

ASI can help you to claim your space on the Internet, and design your site to its full potential with free access to Google Analytics. This powerful tool gives you fresh insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and, most powerful of all, how to keep them coming back. (Continued...)

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Fashionable, Fast, and Frugal: Our Web Models Will Deliver for You.

ASI put together several website models (View models here.) that can quickly and effectively be branded to include a customer’s logo, appropriate colors, and images. Since the framework of the site is already complete, ASI can offer these websites at a much lower cost than a custom site. (Continued...)

Tombstones - From Tumbleweeds to Hi-Tech

Midwest Monument manufactures custom granite and bronze memorials for their wholesale and retail customers. ASI worked to replace their Excel-based job system with a Windows system that additionally included QuickBooks integration and status text messages for customers. (Continued...)

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October 2012

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We've Upgraded; You Should Too

On October 26 ASI will be relocating to 127 South 4th Street, in Oregon, Illinois. We purchased a historic building located in downtown Oregon, IL, to better meet our growing business needs. After months of construction, we’re looking forward to the upcoming move. ASI’s president, Noel Bruns, and his wife Sally, purchased the building to serve as ASI’s new home. For Noel’s thoughts about the big move, click here. If you haven’t yet, please visit our website at, for pictures and historical information.

We're Having a Moving Sale

We’re kicking off our new beginnings with a Moving Sale. We are offering new clients a 20% discount for projects beginning in 2012. If you want to fix your broken systems, or cut your operational costs, we can help and now; we can help at 20% off. Give us a call for a consultation and a free quote.

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July 2012

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ASI Continues to Grow

In the past year, ASI has expanded its team to eight. Nadine Covalsky joined ASI in June of 2011. As the Administrative Assistant, she takes on the responsibility of the front office, as well as assisting with ASI project and marketing support. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, along with a varied background in office management, accounting, and technology. Continued...

The Power to Publish with Customer Content Management

ASI takes pride in the fact that we take on projects of various sizes, based on the specific needs of each Web Customer. No matter how much involvement is requested from a client, ASI is still able to offer our clients even more independence, through a Customer Content Management System (CCMS) for their websites. Continued...

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Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2012 - What's in it for you?

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, the release of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 piqued the interest of ASI Programmers. But what’s in it for you? Whether your business data is stored on one computer, or a million, SQL Server 2012 is aimed at you. Here’s what we consider to be the top five noteworthy features of the new release. Continued...

April 2012

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Mobile Development

ASI has a reputation for being a leader in the industry; we are excited to add Android application development to our resume. Our developers know to look beyond obvious customer need. Instead, they deliver custom solutions that are ahead of its time and exceed your expectations. What application can we make for you? more...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

95% of all website traffic from search engines comes from the first page of results. If your site doesn’t come out near the top of search engine rankings, you’re missing profitable traffic. more...

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New Address

ASI is excited to announce we are moving to a new home at 127 South Fourth Street, located in downtown Oregon, Illinois. The new space, just a block away from our current office, will provide a better fit for ASI’s growing business needs.

Data Integration

Are you using QuickBooks to its full potential? ASI has experience in end-to-end integrated solutions for payment processing, inventory, e-commerce, and more. By integrating business processes with QuickBooks, ASI adds functionality to software you already use. more...

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